How to Download BlueStacks Windows 10 [Easy Methods]

Download BlueStacks Windows 10 if you want to run Android apps and games on your computer. This app is a great tool that you can have in order to bring the whole Android ecosystem to your desktop. There are a lot of features that you can enjoy on BlueStacks app that would make you love this app. And the biggest news is that you can download BlueStacks Windows 10 for free. Here, we will take more about the best thing about this app. Also, we will discuss on how to download and install BlueStacks Windows 10.


Download Bluestacks windows 10

The Best Things of BlueStacks Windows 10

Let’s talk about the best things of BlueStacks Windows 10 and why you should have this great tool. There are some reasons that make BlueStacks for Windows 10 is the best Android emulator.

  • Great performance: BlueStacks for Windows 10 is 6x faster than Samsung Galaxy 9+. So, you don’t need to spend your money on buying new gadget when you have BlueStacks for Windows 10 already on your PC.
  • Bigger screen: We understand how tiring it is to watch on a tiny screen. You might argue that it is more comfy to play the games on Android device as you can take it anywhere. But when it comes to play in a long time, playing the games on BlueStacks app is the best choice.
  • No interruption: It is very annoying to have distructions like calling or even text messages while you are playing games on a critical moment. On BlueStacks app, no one can interrupt you while you are playing the games.
  • Control friendly: When it comes to playing games with complex controls, we sometimes find it hard to do. With BlueStacks for Windows 10, you can adjust the control as your liking to find the most comfortable control.
  • Great compatibility: The BlueStacks for Windows 10 can play more than 90{dd61754e1f32a97a94eca3f88eb6b68de473ee3d0cd47ad9768888a54722de59} of Android apps and games.

Those are some of the best things you can get from BlueStacks for Windows 10. All features are available for free. If you are interested to give it a try, you can click the BlueStacks Windows 10 download button below and follow the instructions underneath.

Download BlueStacks Windows 10

How to Install BlueStacks Windows 10

Note: Check your internet connection and make sure you have a fast and stable one. Provide some space on your hard disc to install BlueStacks Windows 10. Done? Let’s jump to the installation steps. Here are some easy steps to install BlueStacks Windows 10:

  1. Hit the BlueStacks Windows 10 download button above. It will direct you to the official website and you can directly download BlueStacks Windows 10. The installer file is approximately 500MB. So, you can leave it to make a coffee for a while and come back when it’s finished.
  2. After the BlueStacks Windows 10 download progress has finished, locate the installer file and double click on it to prompt the installation.
  3. Just follow the instructions you see on the screen and click on the Install button. It may take a few minutes to finish. Just enjoy your coffee.
  4. When the installation progress has done, go back to the desktop. You should see the BlueStacks App icon on your desktop. Click on it to open the BlueStacks for Windows 10.
  5. Enter your Google account on BlueStacks for Windows 10 to complete the installation. This will enable you to connect to the Google Play Store account.
  6. Done.

Now, you are good to use BlueStacks Windows 10 on your computer. Download and install the Android apps and from the Google Play Store via BlueStacks for Windows 10. It is as easy as you do in your Android device. Then, enjoy the Android games on a bigger screen.

Failed to Install BlueStacks Windows 10? Let’s Fix it!

Did you try to install the BlueStacks for Windows 10, but failed? There is nothing to worry. It is something normal that could happen to any one. We will show you how to fix it.

Before we jump to the solutions, we will tell you why you failed installing BlueStacks for Windows 10. There are some reasons for this case:

  • Corrupted BlueStacks installer file
  • Insufficient memory space to install
  • Your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements

Those were the most common reasons that make it failed to install BlueStacks Windows 10. However, there could be other reasons that can cause the error. Now, let’s discuss how to fix the installation error.

Solution 1: Corrupted BlueStacks Installer File

The unstable internet connection is the main reason why your BlueStacks installer file is corrupted. To fix this error, you can download BlueStacks Windows 10 again from the like above.

This time, make sure that your internet connection is stable and not interrupted during the download progress. Plus, the file should be more than 500MB.

Solution 2: Insufficient Memory Space

You should know that you must at least have 5GB or more of internal memory space to install BlueStacks Windows 10. So, before you install BlueStacks Windows 10, make sure that your internal memory is quite big.

But, we suggest you to have at least 10GB. Why? It is to provide more space when you are planning to install some big and great-quality games.

Solution 3: The Computer Specs Too Low

We have mentioned the minimum specs for BlueStacks for Windows 10 in the home page. So, you can read it there. If your computer specs is too low than the minimum specs, upgrading computer is the only solution.



That’s all about how to download BlueStacks Windows 10. It could be the best Android emulator that you can have on your computer. Beside it is free, you can enjoy the Android apps on a wider screen.

If you have any questions about how to install BlueStacks Windows 10, you can contact us and we will give our best respond for it. You can also share with us if you have other solution for failed to install BlueStacks Windows 10. Thank you for reading.