Is BlueStacks Safe for PC and Mac?

It is undeniable that BlueStacks has become infamous as an Android emulator. This great app can play Android games and apps on dekstop smoothly. Though this app seems great as an emulator that can play 96{dd61754e1f32a97a94eca3f88eb6b68de473ee3d0cd47ad9768888a54722de59} of the Android apps, some people got some experiences that make them raised a question “Is BlueStacks safe and legal?” In this post, we will try to answer the question clearly so that you know whether you should have this cross platform Android emulator on your PC or Mac.


is BlueStacks safe and legal

What is BlueStacks?

It is unfair to answer the question “Is BlueStacks safe or legal?” without knowing the application itself. Let’s talk about what BlueStacks app actually is in the first place. So, we will have the knowledge about this app before judging the application.

As we have mentioned earlier, BlueStacks is an Android emulator app. It lets you run Android games and apps on your PC or Mac. This app is completely free to use. The basic idea of BlueStacks app is to give you joy of playing Android games on a wider screen with amazing graphics. So, you can have a better experience in gaming.

The BlueStacks brings all the Android ecosystem to your desktop. It has a vast support to the games you can play on the app. Since BlueStacks app focuses on the games, you can play almost all popular games on BlueStacks. It could be that your favorites games are on the list too. Let’s say PUBG, Mobile Legends, Garena Free Fire, Roblox, Minecraft, Subway Surfers, and many more.

Though it focuses on the games, the Android apps can also run on BlueStacks app. You can install Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SnapSeed, Whatsapp, and many more.

bluestacks on mac 2

Is BlueStacks Safe and Legal?

Those who are questioning “Is BlueStacks safe for PC or Mac?” is probably triggered by a report that saying the security application like McAfee and Avast found a threat on BlueStacks. But this report turned out to be a false alarm. No evidence was found that BlueStacks has an executable file that can give harm to your computer.

When installing BlueStack on PC, it is true that the app asks to turn off the antivirus application on the computer. But, it’s only for the sake of completing the installation of BlueStacks on the computer. Once, you have done with the installation, you can activate the antivirus app on your computer.

To give you some proves that BlueStacks is safe, we have tried to scan the app. The result shows that BlueStacks is not infected to any trojans, malware, spyware, or viruses. Below is the scanning result towards BlueStacks.

is bluestacks safe for pc

is bluestacks safe for mac

Now, you can relief that BlueStacks is safe. It is safe and clean from any viruses or malware. Hence, BlueStacks is safe to use.

“Is BlueStacks legal?” is another question that many people consider when they want to have BlueStacks on PC or Mac. This is quite a normal question to ask, especially if you look at most Nintendo and GameBoy emulators.

However, BlueStacks is different than Nintendo or GBA emulators. Nintendo or GBA emulators are illegal because to play the games, you should copy the ROM to the emulator.

While BlueStacks in the other hand has different method to work. It brings the whole Android ecosystem on the system. And to remind you, the Android itself is an open source. The BlueStacks also integrates with Google Play Store – an official store where you can download the Android apps and games from.

No rules nor policies that BlueStacks violate in here. Hence, it is clear that BlueStacks is legal because the Android is an open source and it supports the Google Play Store.

Is BlueStacks Safe for Mac?

Are you worry that Is BlueStack safe for Mac? You’d better not. There are many Mac users that have similar thought as yours. After we scan BlueStacks using several antivirus apps, we are confident to tell you that BlueStacks is 100{dd61754e1f32a97a94eca3f88eb6b68de473ee3d0cd47ad9768888a54722de59} safe for Mac.

If you want to download BlueStacks for Mac, it is highly recommended that you get it from the official website. You will get the latest version of BlueStacks that has less bugs. It is also the most stable BlueStacks that can run on your Mac.

Always remember to avoid download BlueStacks from any third-party website that can be a threat to your computer.

download bluestacks for mac

Is BlueStacks Safe for PC?

Security is the main concern of many people before they download BlueStacks for PC. If you are one of the Windows users who ask “Is BlueStacks safe for PC?”, then you should not be worry as BlueStacks is safe for PC.

Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, and AMD are some big companies that have an investment on BlueStacks app. So, you can relax your mind and no more worries about the security.

The BlueStacks only sends anonymous data statistic to improve the users experience. No personal information is taken. If you are not sure about this, you can disable this feature from the Settings.

Like our previous recommendation, you should only download BlueStacks for PC from the official website.



To conclude, BlueStacks is 100{dd61754e1f32a97a94eca3f88eb6b68de473ee3d0cd47ad9768888a54722de59} safe. No evidence that says BlueStacks brings malware, virus, and spyware that can harm your computer. Hence, you can relief to have BlueStacks on PC or Mac.

Actually, it is not the BlueStacks that you should worry, but the applications that you will install on BlueStacks. You should put it in your mind that only download Android apps and games from the trusted store, like Google Play Store.

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